5 toxic foods for the development of the baby’s brain

The reality has shown that the diet with healthy food and nutrition not only keeps an important role in the development of the brain but also improves the memory of the baby. Therefore, you need to have to know which foods are on the black list that parents should not encourage the baby to eat because of obstructing the brain.

Here are 5 types of toxin food which are not usually good for the baby’s brain.

  1. Foods are mixed lead

Lead is an extremely toxic chemical with the cells. When the lead concentration in the blood is 15mg/100ml, it will cause the stunted growth and the mental impairment as well as a serous neurological damage to the baby. Popcorn is leaded food. In addition, food or drink is canned which is a typical food of the lead.

  1. Foods contain lipid peroxide

You should know that lipid peroxide is a harmful substance to the development of the baby. It will destroy the vitamin in the food. This one will affect the absorption of protein in the body. Moreover, a number of metabolic enzyme systems of the body are destroyed which lead to the brain impairment or dementia.

The fried foods or the processed foods with the temperature 200ºC will quickly produce lipid peroxide. It harms to the development of the brain. Therefore, parents should avoid or minimize the use of these foods so as not to cause harm to the baby.

  1. Foods contain plenty of salts


Daily, the baby’s body has absorbed an amount of salt about 4g per day. Nevertheless, when eating the salty foods so much, it not only causes blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, embolism, arterial damage but also affects the blood supplement of the brain tissue. Eating salty foods for a long time will cause ischemia, blood oxygen deficiency, memory loss and premature aging. Foods with high salty content include processed foods, pickles or canned foods which are not only poor nutrition but also ruin the organization liver, brain, and other organs. Therefore, parents should select a reasonable way.

  1. Foods are rich in monosodium glutamate

Many families usually use monosodium glutamate when cooking because they recognize to taste well; especially, in the soup. However, many medical studies have shown that the amount of monosodium glutamate is too high (over 4g per day). This one will cause the lack of zinc in the baby which leads to the mental retardation. If you want the delicious food, you should try to buy the best fresh ingredients. Absolutely, you should not use monosodium glutamate and overused.

  1. Foods contain aluminum


If parents usually use the foods which have high aluminum content, it will cause memory decline, slow response or even cretinism. Aluminum components are often found in fried foods such as bagel twist, Vietnamese Hollow Doughnuts, and so on.

All parents always want their baby to become a smart when he/she is adulthood. Therefore, parents should choose the suitable foods for their baby from now in order to help him/her more intelligent.


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