The Baby Slowly Knows to Sit and Crawl – Is It an Abnormal Phenomenon?

Frequently, the little kids from 6 to 8 months of age started to sit and crawl; then, they will crawl around the house. Nevertheless, some babies at this age do not still know to sit and crawl. This one makes their parents worry – do their children get sick or retardation? This article will help parents recognize the right way on the slowly crawling phenomenon of the baby.

Benefits of learning to sit and crawl


The process of crawling and straight sitting shows your baby, who knows how to balance the weight and hold the body in many different positions. Crawling helps him/her develop muscles and coordinate between muscles rhythmically. It also makes the strong neck and shoulder muscles; thus, he/she is easy to lift his/her head up.

Slowly sit and crawl – don’t worry

Sitting and crawling is not marked as an important skill in the growth chart of the baby because it is not the main milestones. He/she slowly know to sit and crawl without relating to the substance and mentality. Parents should not worry. Simply, the baby likes “leapfrogging” over this period to go straight to the going period.

How to help the baby quickly know to sit and crawl

When he/she is 6-8 months, you should allow him/her to lean on the parents or pillow. You can stack the pillows and put him/he in the middle or hug him/her.

Then, it teaches him/her to crawl. The first, it puts the baby on the bed and places the toys in front of – a close distance to encourage him/her creep to take. The next, you put him/her in the crawling pose. If he/she does not know, you can hold his/her feet and move little by little, gradually taken the objects.

When the kid are accustomed to the crawling operation, you can place him/her on the floor because the bed becomes small compared to the children. However, you need to ensure the safety of him/her:

  • Let’s cover all electrical outlets and the sharp edge of table and chair. At once, it locks the drawer. It makes sure that furniture is firm.
  • The small things like buttons, coins, or balls are not allowed appearing in the room of the baby.
  • It uses the floor pieces to help the baby crawl in a safe way without damaging his/her legs and arms.

The crawling skill is strengthened when you spend time so that your baby lies prone on the floor. Let’s place the interesting toys in front of him/her to force the baby to crawl. There are some babies without knowing the way to crawl because of putting them lying supine all day. Correspondingly, the babies don’t have the opportunity to train their abdominal muscles and meet difficult to move when crawling.

Let’s remember to place the baby in all postures to steadily develop his/her muscles! According to doctors, you ought to put your baby lying prostrate when you are nearby the kids. If your baby does not like, you let put him/her lying prone several times/ day; then, increasing gradually. If he/she doesn’t still crawl, you should not worry because there are no foundation that the slowly crawling babies have the weak muscles or the problems of the growth.

Before crawling, the baby will have the natural reflex.

For example, when you tickle the baby’s palm, his/her fingers will lower into around your fingers and his/her feet will kick when startled.

When the baby sat straight, he/she will start the journey to explore the world around him/her. At the same time, it appears two new reflections – title to one side and parachuting. Both are useful when he/she started to move. The crawling movement also helps identify the far objects.

On the other hand, the crawling babies will also have wider the scope of their activities and can recognize the surrounding environment better. The institutions – hearing, vision, touch… are developed anymore.

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