Best and Worst Baby Swing Brands 2016

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Which brands of the baby swing should you select? Perhaps, there is a common question before choosing to purchase the baby swing. As the whole, the reliable brand needs to satisfy the demand of the majority of customers and have the proper price. Understanding this one, we look for and select the most prestigious baby swing brand based on design, color, feature, color, and other significant criteria at present. The comments and reviews from consumers are also a significant factor in order to appreciate the product quality. After considering all criteria, a few of credible brands in 2016 are Graco, Fisher Price, and Ingenuity.

1st Place: Graco

It is considered as a baby furniture brand. In 1942, it was two gentlemen – Russell Gray and Robert Cone, who found the Graco brand. Initially, the company has released machine and parts of cars. However, they began releasing the first baby swing in 1982. Since the first model, Graco has gradually produced other items such as high chair, strollers, car seat, etc. It is noticed that Graco is famous for the products of children. When mentioning to baby swings, Graco is outstanding on beautiful appearance, impressive type, and rugged design; especially, it suits for babies with the large weight. It is easy to remove and store. The music is pretty good. If you are finding a product for babies, you cannot miss the Graco baby furniture.

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2nd Place: Fisher - Price

In 1930, Herman Fisher, Helen Schelle and Irving Price founded the Fisher Price brand through the many items of acquisitions, spin-offs, and mergers. Nowadays, Fisher Price is one of the well-known toy brands on the market. There is a reason why many parents believe in using the baby swing of this brand because its products are highly appreciated for reliability, availability and safety for the baby. Due to the solid design, along with funny music and toy, so the babies are easy to sleep. Although products are designed to assemble a simple way, it does not have many impressive designs and aesthetic is not high.

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3rd Place: Ingenuity 

There is one of the American manufacturers of baby products, which are high chairs, bouncers, cradles and baby swings. Baby swings of Ingenuity are outstanding in good quality and low price. Their compact size suits for a narrow space. Nonetheless, this brand does not have many impressive designs. Even, their load cannot respond to babies with the large weight.

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