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It requires mothers to have to be careful when reheating either breast milk or formula. You must know that heating breast milk in the microwave may make the ingredients in milk change, especially, the nutrient, whatever you only use the microwave for a short time. For a reason, the best bottle warm is necessary and enjoyed by the majority of parents.

Frequently, the warm temperature is easy to lose the content of vitamin C in breast milk because it is quite sensitive.

Heating breast milk in the microwave or stove will lose vitamin, mineral, micronutrient, and immunological properties a quick way. So, what should you do? Of course, you may also place milk in a sterilized bottle; then, it puts it in the hot water for 10 minutes. However, it takes time. It has a great method – using the best baby bottle warmer – a safe, efficient method.

The Best Bottle Warmer – How Is…

Any mothers also want to bring the best things for their baby, you too. Is it right? What an ideal the best bottle warmer for breast milk is! The great choice for mothers brings the healthy development for babies.Either breast milk or formula, you just take for 1-3 minutes to heat them. It will be very convenient if the room of the baby is upstairs – you can keep warm in place. In fact, they are reliable, rapid, and easy to utilize.

While you are changing diapers for your love baby, the bottle warmer will be able to warm from 3-4 ounces of milk. Simply, it adds the water into the container and sets it up. Continuously, it puts the milk bottle into and closes the lid. It’s ok! Milk will quickly be hot without losing any ingredients of milk. Few people know that heating breast milk can become science like this. So good!

At present, it is not difficult to look for the best bottle warmer for breast milk on the market. However, it is important that you need to consider your need and the product’s features. The above information is the outstanding features that an excellent bottle warmer ought to have. Based on them, you can select one for yourself. Good luck!

5 Best Bottle Warmer Recommendations:

The First Year Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

The First Year Night Craving Bottle Warmer & Cooler

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer


Warmer & Cooler

Warmer & Cooler



Review of 5 Best Bottle Warmer 2016

#1. The First Year Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

There will be a great product if your baby wants to feed at the midnight or even right now! With the compact design, the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer helps heat a rapid manner, involving, wide-necked, straights, angles, or even disposables. In addition, when your baby grows up, this bottle warmer can still be utilized for warming the food of babies. Thanks to the modern style, this model is entirely suitable for the interior in the kitchen. It is noticed that this product is considered as the best traveling bottle warmer. It can say that the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is a safe model is appreciated high by most customers.

 What we like to

  • Compact
  • Nice type
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Excellent wipe warmer

 What we dislike to

  • Measurement
  • Sometimes too hot

#2. Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

This bottle warmer is compatible with the types of bottles such as Chicco, Born Free, Evenflo Wide Neck, Avent Natural, Joovy, Tommee Tippee, Avent Classic, Dr.Brown’s Wide Mouth, and Nuk. The design of Born Free bottle warmer is safe for both breast milk and formula. It makes sure that can get the optimal temperature. Aside from that, you needn’t guess because it is equipped with the automatic dial bottle size. Accordingly, it will automatically calculate the time of warming. With a 5 oz bottle, warming time is about 3 minutes and a 9 oz bottle will take from 4-6 minutes after it will shut off itself. When finding to this product, you will have a convenient thing – it can keep two bottles cool up 8 hours, by the feature of an insulating cooler. This model received the positive feedbacks from consumers on Amazon.

 What we like to

  • Easy to use
  • A life saver during night
  • Inexpensive
  • Quick heating
  • Sterilizes pacifiers

 What we dislike to

  • Without on/ off switch
  • Not easy to lift bottle after heating

#3. The First Year Night Craving Bottle Warmer & Cooler, Blue/White

The First Year Night Craving Bottle Warmer & Cooler

Actually, it is not easy to feed at the midnight. Nevertheless, you do not worry. For the time being, there has a useful solve for mothers – the Nigh Craving Bottle Warmer & Cooler. Heating breast milk or formula is very quick. In fact, this product has released in order to help babies feed at night an easy way. The unique combination between warmer and cooler brings the comfort for mothers when feeding in the middle of the night.

 What we like to

  • Heats quickly
  • A variety of bottle sizes
  • Cooler portion

 What we dislike to

  • Water measuring
  • No shut-off feature

#4. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer

Not only milk but also food can also be warmed by this product. With the spacious interior, you can put either the smallest jars or bottles. Plus, the LCD screen is easy to light up at night, so it allows you to monitor the reached temperature a proper manner. Furthermore, after setting up the heating, you can save in the model’s memory to utilize in the future. What a great the product is! It is appreciated 5 starts by 51% of customers on Amazon. Consequently, it can say that this product is also a perfect choice for mothers.

 What we like to

  • Easy to use
  • Fits most bottles
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heats bottles evenly

 What we dislike to

  • Quit working after several months
  • Heats outside of bottle too much

#5. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

Warming of the Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer is safe and easy. A water bath helps create a warm breast milk according to USDA and CDC guidance. The difference from other bottle warmers, Kozii does not need to measure or add water per use. In additional to that, the timer with the intuitive interface should not be difficult to utilize. Even, based on that, you can determine time before feeding. Great! Don’t have to worry about the over-limited temperature, thanks to the auto-shut-off system. Importantly, you are able to use with various warming chambers such as glass, plastic, liner bottles, food jars,… Exactly, there is a safe product for both mothers and babies.

 What we like to

  • Multiple uses
  • Easy to move and store
  • Be able to freeze the bags

 What we dislike to

  • Expensive
  • Slow

Benefits of Customer When Choosing to Use the Bottle Warmer

Whatever you use the best bottle warmer for any purposes, you will also get the following benefits:

  • Health & safety: Either warming or heating, the temperature is proper. Correspondingly, the nutritious ingredients in breast milk or formula are kept whole.
  • Efficiency: Warming breast milk or formula is consistently and promptly.
  • Easy to utilize: The operation and maintenance are easy.
  • Versatility: It fits a variety of sizes of the bottles.
  • Portability & footprint: In spite of moving or using in the counter place, it can still warm.

Choosing to Purchase the Right Product

Aside from the big convenience – you will be free hands while warming the bottle, the best baby bottle warmer still has the ability to keep a whole of nutritional value in breast milk. You also know that breast milk will lose its nutritional value once the temperature is too hot. If the temperature is over 400C ~ 1040F, the immunological and nutritional value (both are very important for babies) will gradually reduce. Nonetheless, everything will not become serious unless you let the temperature up 450C ~ 1130F. At the same time, every minute is going to take 50% of activated enzymes.

The best bottle warmers have many different options of sizes and shapes, along with the various methods to warm milk for babies. To pick up one for your love baby, it requires:

Water bath – A bottle warmer should be supported by this technology because they have tended to heat at a slow speed. Although they continuously heat, the temperature is suitable for producing steam.

Versatility – The majority of the bottle warmers has the ability to be short or tall and wide or narrow. Like that, it can be compatible with a variety of the bottles. In additional to that, the material also needs to have to be various.

Automatic timer – There will be a useful feature. In this way, you can set the best time to bring a great meal for babies. Besides, you needn’t have to wait or worry about forgetting.

Audible end beep – This feature is significant because you will be easy to keep track of the warmth of the bottle. You should also remember that must take the bottle as soon as it reaches the proper temperature. We tried testing many times and recognized that the temperature in the bottle will continuously increase after shutting off.

Water reservoir – A couple of the bottle warmers need to have to add water every time, while some do not require this. They have built a reservoir, which helps monitor the water. At once, it lasts via some cycles.

Tips for using the bottle warmers

It will be safe for warming breast milk or formula in the bottle warmer. In fact, there are some simple ways so as to do it. Let’s see!

  • Filling a bowl with full warm water
  • The water is hot enough for you to put the hands into here
  • Putting the bottle in here under 15 minutes (if time lasts, it will create the condition so that bacteria develop)
  • Sealing the bottle a tight way when it is still in the water
  • Once the warmth has reached, you ought to shake the bottle to ensure the balance temperature.

If you utilize an electric bottle warmer, you will only take 4-6 minutes to warm the bottle. Even, these products are also considered as the best traveling bottle warmer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the rated power of the bottle warmer?

Can you use glass baby bottle in the bottle warmer?

How to clean the bottle warmer?

How long does it take to warm up 4 oz of milk?


Until now, the bottle warmers are various on the type and design on the market. Therefore, each of the bottle warmers has specific features. Of course, everything is based on the needs of consumers. For a reason, fathers and mothers should carefully consider – the best is to have a survey before selecting one.

In general, the leading bottle warmers are not cheap. Frequently, most parents concern on this issue. Nonetheless, you ought to know that price often comes with the quality. It is noticed that milk – an essential nutritious source for babies needs to be appreciated.

When mentioning to the best bottle warmer, the most necessary requirement is to have the ability to keep warm with the proper temperature, along with a timer. If possible, the model should still have the auto-shut-off system in order to avoid the high-increased temperature. Looking at the frequently FAQs, the different type of the bottle is also necessary. So, let’s pick up the bottle warmer, which allows you to utilize with many various bottles.

The best plan would be to consider the warranty time. The purpose is to protect your own interests in case you unfortunately meet a poor-quality product.

The last one, the difference from other products, the bottle warmer needs to be the quality without being based on the needs or preferences. We believe that any dads or moms also love their babies, so you let select the best product and the highest quality as possible for your own baby. Luck in your finding!

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