Converting batteries into AC power in the Baby Swing

The baby swing is a power tool, so you sometimes feel tired of changing its battery.

With these instruction steps, you will know how your baby swing converts. Therefore, you are able to only plug it into; of course, unchanging the batteries.

Based on your demand, this design will help you select between wall power and batteries.

You can consider these following steps:

Step 1: Necessary tools and parts


They include screwdriver, wire stripper (cutter), soldering iron and cigarette lighter (or heat gun). With the screwdriver, it is utilized for opening up the motor switches batteries. Next to, the wire stripper is used in order to cut and trip both the old wiring and the new wiring. Then, the new switch and wires are utilized to solder by the soldering iron so that the wiring can exist. Finally, the heat gun is used for melting the heat-shrink tubes.


5 VDC power supply:  you can utilize an old charge from your cellphone. With requiring, it has to a similar output voltage the same as the batteries of your baby swing. Therefore, you need to have to know the mount of the batteries in your swing. Every device usually sets into 1.2VDC (AA, C, D, and so on). Of course, they will be the difference. For example, you will need to put out 4.8 VDC Power Supply, if you are using 4 “D” batteries.

Double Pole Double Throw Switch which is a small device from Radio Shack is the value operation.

In addition, to secure the new wiring, the solder is necessary.

Moreover, the solder joints will be protected by the heat shrink tubing.

Even, with Epoxy (or Super Glue), your swing will be secured the switch to housing

Step 2: Taking to pieces of the baby swing

The purpose of this object helps you access to the wire system from the battery to the motor. Based on manufactures of the baby swing, you can perform how to accurate the technique manipulations. However, you will take much time so as to remove plenty of screws. You will allow dividing the plastic housing of this tool in order to easily access into the wiring.

You have even to remove about 10 screws for this work. Looking at this picture, you saw the plastic housing which are divided each part. And then, you can see the battery box and the wiring.

step 2

Both a red wire and a black wire are two electric wires from the battery box. You can easily distinguish them. The red is the anode; on the contrary, the black is the cathode.

Cutting both electric wires, you should cut them with the equal distance from the battery to the electrical circuit card of the motor. This one will be quite useful for you after you have finished and soldered them again.

Step 3: Setting up the switch

step 3

You need to change your DPDT and solder from 4 to 6 long wires. When the weld has cooled, you can glide the heat shrink tubing passing the solder joints. Then, it zooms out the tubing with a heat gun; even, if you have not a heat gun tool, you can use a cigarette lighter to replace.

The motor wiring in the baby swing will be connected to the center of both positions. The wiring of the battery box will be transmitted to by one side of the switch. Other will transmit to the new power supply.

The anode wire ought to be put on the left (or right) of the switch. Inevitably, the cathode wire should be put on the other side.

However, this one is not too important. Mainly, there are contact points in the middle which go to the motor.

Step 4: Cutting the hole in the housing to switch

step 4

To accommodate your switch, you should cut the hole with the necessary size.

step 4.1

You can select to drill with a small drill twist at the corners in the area. Then, you are able to cut among the hole. It means that creates your rectangular when cut. This work will easily become when you utilize Dremel tool.

Step 5: Getting power supply ready

step 5

If you had an old charger from your cellphone (the same as higher voltage), you would begin cutting the connector of cellphone (about 3/8 of the insulation) in order to clearly expose the copper core.

Next to, you carefully separate the end strips and plug the charge device into the wall. You can use the multi-meter; then, you take the red to lead to one wire from your device (multi-meter) and the back is led to other wire. When your meter displays the right voltage (about 0.5 volts) of the power supply, you should mark the red wire which is touching into the anode wire. You can also utilize the sticking-plaster so as to do this. On the contrary, if your meter displays with -0.5 volts, you ought to take the black to touch into the cathode wire. Of course, you will still mark the same.

To connect the plastic housing of the baby swing to the switch, you need to have to survey how the power supply wires operate. Simply, you need to drill a hole on the bottom and near the battery box of the baby swing with a suitable hole for the wires in order to pass. In addition, you can reinforce for the wiring; by the way, you will tie a simple knot in the power supply. This one helps operate better.

Step 6: Connecting the wires

step 6

It’s time the motor wires, battery wires or even power supply wires are connected with the switch wires.

You have also to be sure the heat shrink tubing which can easily slide up or down before you solder them. Then, when you soldered and the solder joints have been cool, the sliding the heat-shrink tubing will become easier and lighter.

And then, you push the switch through the hole which has created so that they can connect with the solder places.

Finally, you strip back the wires about ½ inches. In addition, you will hook them together. You can bend them into “U” shapes which are connected after you need to solder them together. It is noticed that the white heat-shrink tubing is above the red wire. When you soldered the joints, it will be pulled through the joint easily.

You must remember that all six wires will be done the same.

Step 7: collapsing again and test

step 7

You need to reassemble all parts that you removed; especially, you have to wrench the screws which are removed.

Don’t forget to put the batteries into the device and plug the power supply.

The baby swing with the switch both positions have also turn on in order to check its operation.

step 8

Then, you utilize the glue to fasten the switch into the housing.

You are able to unplug the power supply and determine the direction of the switch.


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