Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing Review

When buying baby products, one needs to be really sure as to what they’re buying. As Fisher Price has managed to be one of the top brands when it comes to baby products, the Fisher-Price papasan cradle swing looked to be one of the best choices so far. Here is a review of how this starlight cradle swing turned out to be.

The Fisher-Price papasan cradle swing is an excellent product which comes with 6 different soothing swing speeds and apart from it; it also has a reclining seat which comes in 2 different positions as well. it is an easy swing that allows the baby to relax, enjoy and have a great time.

Customer Benefits

  • One of the key benefits which this Fisher-Price papasan cradle swing offers is the easy swinging facility.
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Great design
  • Stylish look
  • Exciting lights and music

The Features

1. Easy to set up

This swing is so designed that you will not have any issues working with it. It is really easy to set-up and you can choose the right speed setting based upon what suits you the best. Just like most other swings, if you place a heavier child, the speed of swinging motion will be reduced.

2. Enjoy your time

As the main purpose of the swing is to let the child relax, this starlight swing comes with 16 different songs. There are 8 daytime songs along with 8 nighttime songs as well. The sound selection is quite good and it allows the little children to relax and go off to sleep a lot quickly and easily.

3. Right battery optimization

This fisher-price swing is so designed that almost 7 minutes after plugging in the battery power, the mobile lights and sound will automatically be turned off. Owing to these specifications, it is a lot easier to optimize the performance of your battery.

Hence, these features are good enough to help you have a great swing. If you are looking for one of the best starlight swings because there is no way, you want to compromise with the products you buy for your kids; this one looks to be a good deal.

Pros and Cons




  • There is no dearth of baby swings and one can find a great deal of options. As there are too many options, we are always on the lookout to find something which seems to be a great match.
  • This one is definitely worth your money because my child really got extremely happy after using this swing.
  • So, it does look to be a great choice and is worth your money. With the right handling and care, this is one swing which is likely to serve your need. I would recommend this product and everyone who is on the lookout for a great baby product should make it a point to opt for this one as it will help them make their baby happy.

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