Guidance for parents on how to hold the newborn baby properly

hen the newborn baby was born, he/she is very weak. Therefore, it properly holds the infant which is the first lesson with parents when their baby was born. Parents should know that the newborn baby’s body is still very immature and weak. If it cares carefully, the baby will be vulnerable. The most important issue in the care of babies is that parents have to know how to hold their baby. The below information will help parents hold the baby in the most properly.

The benefits of holding the baby

Happy mother with newborn baby

When the baby is held in the mother’s arms, he/she will feel safe and sheltered. These actions include holding, stroking or talking to your baby which is very necessary for the development of the baby. Consequently, mothers should do this frequently. According to medical experts, the newborn baby will develop more comprehensive and increase the weight faster when lying on the soft mattress because it will create the comfort for the baby.

How to hold a baby the safest

When holding up your newborn baby, you need to pay attention to his/her head because his/her head is very weak. Therefore, the first, you have to raise the baby’s head by inserting a hand into his/her neck. Other hand slides down her/his back and buttocks in order to support the low body of the baby. Holding your baby as this way is quite easy and sure, so mothers need to have to know to follow.

Putting the baby down the most properly

As well as holding babies up, when putting the infants down, you also need to keep the baby’s head so as to avoid him/her to fall. This one will be very dangerous. You must be very gentle when putting down so that the spine, neck and head of the baby are supported by your arms.

According to researchers, the best safety location helps reduce the risk of sudden death in the baby which you need to lay the baby on his/her back. Until the baby about 4-5 months, you can choose the most suitable position for him/her.

When holding the baby in your armsrp_articulo_20120723100313.jpg

There are two positions so that you can hold the baby in your arms. You can hold him/her so that his/her head is on your elbow. Like that, it ensures his/her head higher than the remaining part of the body. Then, you use your wrist to embrace the baby. One hand supports the back and buttocks of the baby. Another hand supports the baby’s buttocks and thighs.

On the other hand, the baby posture is that the back relied on your chest. Her/his head relied on your shoulder. You utilize your arms to hold the baby’s head and back. Two ways are very easy to do. You can choose 1 in 2 two above ways which are both effective and suitable.
When holding the newborn baby, parents need to have to pay attention carefully. You have to create the comfort and the safety when holding him/her in order to avoid these unfortunate situations to occur.

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