Important milestones in the intellectual development of the baby

Your baby is strongly developing after birth. Let’s review important milestones in the intelligence development of the baby in 55 consecutive weeks after birth!

When foreseeing the development process of mentality in the baby with 8 critical moments, parents can find a method in order to foster and improve the intelligence of the baby.

The first 5 weeks

At that time, the parts or organs in the baby will quickly grow. Her/his senses begin to operate smoothly. Actions include crying, smiling which does not depend on what the baby observe or hear. This is the reflection of smell to the surrounding.

8 weeks

The baby starts to discover that everything around is not fixed and the same. Everything is variable because the movement of objects formed. The baby feels afraid of these changes. However, if he/she is always in mother’s arms or contacts with his/her mother, she/his can eliminate this fear.

After 12 weeks, the intellectual development of the baby has been a clear segment

The baby explores, gets accustomed to new movements and actions. These simple movements in the previous period gradually become more flexible. At the same time, he/she understands himself/herself who can control these movements. This one is demonstrated that the baby is owned skills. Therefore, he/she shouts and giggles alone. Thereby, the baby becomes excited to learn his/her own language. He/she begins to talk with his/her mother or anyone around.

19 weeks, the intellectual development of the baby has become clearer

The baby can hold simple things. He/she also starts to know body movements in order to catch the desired objects. In addition, the baby knows how to observe the operation of the object. In this stage, the newborn baby studies everything around by touching, holding or putting into his/her mouth.

26 weeks

The baby gradually understands and knows the relation between the objects together. For example, when clicking on the control button, it will be able to hear the music. Besides, the baby also understood several complex objects such as each object in the house can be arranged in a different position, can be near or far. Consequently, his/her favorite game is to move objects and mess everything.

37 weeks

The baby is beginning to understand the nature of abstract things. For instance, dogs bark “woof woof” without distinguishing big or small and even white or black hair. This one has shown that he/she starts using logical thinking as adults.

46 weeks

The baby begins the aware of himself/herself who can do anything from start to finish. Therefore, the most popular games of the baby are “doing it himself/herself”. It means that he/she want to be done all stages of something in the right order. Nevertheless, the baby still stops at the level of thinking because he/she thinks that everything is immutable and unchangeable.

55 weeks

Eventually, the baby also detected the previous movements that he/she has discovered can completely change based on your desire. At that time, he/she would plan as his/her desire; even, he/she clearly shows what he/she wants.

After 55 weeks, the intelligence of the baby almost develops perfectly. The baby can explore the world around him/her. In addition, the baby watches his/her parents and plan for himself/herself. We hope that the above information will help parents can understand the development process of their baby better.

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