Is It Necessary to Sterilize the Baby Bottles Daily?

The mothers sterilize the baby bottles every day, right?

Well, aside from the busy mothers, they do not have a lot of time to do this daily. On the other hand, some mothers worry about their baby in the first months, so they spend the time to sterilize the baby bottle every day, thanks to the advanced models like the best bottle sterilizers, this task becomes simpler and easier. Nonetheless, sterilizing the bottles daily is necessary or not. Let’s see!!!

Perhaps, the question: should I sterilize the baby bottles daily?

– There is a common one that many mothers also want to find an answer. Basically, sterilizing the bottles is a necessary task before feeding. If mothers miss the sterilization, the bacteria will exist in the bottle that makes the infants get diarrhea and the problems of digestion. Some mothers only sterilize a summary way, so it does not kill a whole bacteria. It should know that some bacteria are difficult to kill if mothers do not boil at the right temperature (in case mothers sterilize by boiling).

A couple of notes when sterilizing the baby bottles:

+ According to the experts, it recommends that mothers ought to sterilize the baby bottles before feeding. Mothers can utilize the sterilizing machines or the boiling method.

+ Each of the bottles will have a specific sterilizing temperature. Correspondingly, before using the bottles, mothers need to read the manual to determine the temperature and the way to sterilize properly. Some types of the bottles like Nuk, pigeon of Japanese, Avent,… allows you to boil at 120 degrees of the temperature. With the glass bottles, mothers can also boil to sterilize.

There is a solution that helps mothers save their time, by purchasing plenty of bottles at once. Like that, mothers can sterilize them every morning and let use for the whole day. In this way, mothers will be able to save a lot of time. To utilize, mothers only need to rinse the water again. Let’s remember the nipples must always be soaked in the boiled water before making formula for the newborn babies!

In case the mothers use the silicone bottles like the Comotomo bottle, for instance, mothers can use the boiling method. No problem! Unless the mothers can also utilize the steam sterilizer because these bottles have the capacity of high heat resistance. Accordingly, mothers can have peace of mind when boiling them.

*Note: Mothers ought to spend a little time in order to sterilize the baby bottles before feeding. There is one of the ways that contribute to protecting the health of the baby from the bacteria. The best is to sterilize the bottles until the baby is 6 months of age. The purpose is to make sure the best resistance for them.

Now, the mothers find the answer. Yes, only the first 6 months, mothers will only sterilize in this stage, so it lets spend their time to help the babies avoid the risks.

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