Notes need to know when caring for the newborn baby in the cold season

Parents need to know what objects can cause the baby to get diseases such as cold, fever, cough or sore throat in the cold season.

When the weather changes from hot to cold, the body of the baby will be difficult to adapting immediately. Therefore, parents need to take time and care of their baby. Nevertheless, because parents do not know, it has wrong actions. These ones can harm their baby that parents do know when caring of the baby in the cold season.

In here, we will share several tips that mothers often do. However, they are good for the baby as well as mothers still think.

When sleeping, mothers should put the baby’s head in line with their head

Happy mother with newborn baby

Since mothers often feel worried about their baby who will toss the blanket at night, mothers usually sleep with the baby. However, if mothers want the newborn baby to sleep well, parents should not put the baby in line with them. Meanwhile, parents can breathe into mouth and face of the baby. This one will cause the baby to have trouble sleeping. Therefore, sleeping with parents will help the baby become warmer but mothers ought to put the baby’s head lower than their head.

Always keep warm for the baby and avoid bringing the baby outside

When the cold season come, parents often keep the baby in the house. In addition, mothers always cover the baby with clothes or blankets because of scaring the infant cold, sneezing, fever, sore throat, and so on. Furthermore, parents also create the environment as summer for their baby; instead of helping him/her adapt to the new environment or climate. Like that, the body resistance of the baby will be increased. In fact, although these actions of parents seem to be good for their baby, experts and doctors advise parents to allow the baby to play outside. This one will help him/her adapt to the new environment.

Keeping the baby in stage of excessive warmth

With thick clothes, the baby feels difficult to breathing, moving and playing. Although mothers need to keep warm for the baby when it is cold, the body of the baby is different from us. He/she will feel very cold when the winter comes. At once, he/she also feels quite hot when mothers wear to warm for him/her. By the best way, mothers should wear warm enough. For example, if you hold the baby outside, you ought to wear the thick jacket for him/her. On the contrary, when the baby stays at home, mothers should only wear the tin coat. If the baby plays and sweats, mothers should change other clothes to avoid cold for him/her.

Using the water which is so hot in order to bath the baby

The skin of the baby is thinner than the adult. Therefore, when mothers recognize the water that is warm enough to bath the baby, the water will be very hot in comparison with him/her. The best is that mothers need to feel the water temperature which is from 33ºC to 36ºC. Like that, the baby will feel comfortable when bathing.

The conditioner is the high temperature

Parents often use the fireplace and the conditioner with high-temperature so that the baby has not got cold. However, if the temperature is so high, the skin of the baby will get dry. Furthermore, the room will become stuffy and breathless. According to expert, they suggest that the most appropriate temperature is about 25-28ºC. With this temperature, the baby will feel warm; even, the skin of the baby does not get dry.

Wearing the diaper for the baby 24/24

This one will cause the baby’s skin hurt; especially, it still harms to the health of him/her such rash, sore, etc. Moreover, wearing the diaper will make her/him difficult to moving and playing. It is noticed that the baby will be prevented the development of the mentality if mothers wear the diaper 24/24 for him/her. Since the baby will not require the mother when ruining, it leads to enuresis.

With these above instructions, we hope that mothers will have plenty of necessary knowledge to care for the baby better in the cold weather.

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