Preparing clothes for babies with the rule – 4 warm 1 cold in the winter

In the winter, that mothers want to prepare clothes for babies is also very necessary and important. What do you do to keep warm for your babies? What do mothers do so that the infants are always healthy in the winter? Let’s consider these rules in order to prepare clothes for the newborn baby!

  1. Keeping your baby by 4 warm and 1 cold

What is four warm? There is warm hand, warm back, the warm belly and warm foot. Mothers need to pay attention to these rules. It always keeps warm for the baby’s hands which do not sweat. In addition, if the infant’s back sweats too much, it will be penetrated with his/her body. This one will lead to cold. Therefore, mothers have to keep warm for the baby’s back. Warm belly will help protect the stomach. If the stomach and the abdominal are cold, it will affect the digestive system of the baby. Warm feet will help the newborn baby avoid the disease of the respiratory.

One cold is the baby’s head. When the baby’s body has a fever, mothers should not blank cover his/her head because this one will cause the temperature to increase. However, mothers still have to wear a hat for him/her when going out.

  1. Dressing for babies less than 4 layers

Mothers ought to be based on the physiological characteristics of their baby to wear suitable clothing for the newborn baby. In addition, mothers should wear comfortable clothes for the baby. It is noticed that mothers need to adjust the amount of clothes which suit for the body temperature of him/her. Generally, it does not wear more than one for your baby to help him/her easy to move.

  1. Do not too hasty when choosing to buy warm clothes for babies


When dressing clothes for the newborn baby, mothers should wear slowly and gradually. It begins with the thinnest coat to the thick warm coat. This one will help the baby be gradually acquainted with cold and will reduce the risk of some disease for him/her.

  1. Mothers should not wear clothes too warm in order to avoid getting a cold for the baby

Several mothers often think that it has to wear the warmest clothing for their baby. In fact, this one is not good. If mothers wear clothes too warm, the baby’s body will be sweated. Sweating would normally get out, so it can affect some diseases of skin in the baby.

When mothers wear too warm for the baby, the sweat cannot get out will be absorbed back into his/her body. It leads to several diseases of the respiratory.

Mothers also need to pay attention the feet and hands of the baby. When these parts sweat, you should clean immediately.

In brief, the selection of clothing for babies is also one of the issues that parents should concern carefully. With these rules, it hopes that parents will have the useful information in order to protect your baby healthily.

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