Several notes when the baby begins eating powder

It is not easy when the baby starts becoming familiar with the foods of the adult. Some babies feel exciting to eating. Others have refused to accept the new foods. Therefore, mothers often stymied when their baby begins eating in the first period. These following tips will help mothers.

The time of powdered feeding

According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, when the baby is 6 months old, there is the best time of weaning. At that time, the digestive enzyme system of the baby is completed. Although breast milk is still a lot, it does not meet enough for the growth of the baby.

These principles should be considered when the baby begins weaning

Mothers ought to wash their hands and dry with a clean towel before mothers make powder for the baby. The baby should only eat one meal in a day. The maximum is two meals if the baby enjoys eating. Nevertheless, these two meals have to take away from each other so that the baby can easily digest.

In this period, the baby only digests with dilution powder 5%. It means that mothers take 100ml water with 5g powder (5g powder the same as 2 tablespoons). Then, the density of the powder will be increased every week.

The baby needs to eat from less to more. Mothers should not force him/her to eat the whole mixed powder. If the baby eats less, mothers can breastfeed after meals. The time of weaning depends on the baby. It is necessarily in the morning because when being fun, the baby will easily accept meals.

When feeding, mothers should also arrange work in order to have a comfortable time for their baby. Like that, a meal will take place as a game; even, the baby will enjoy receiving. In addition, mothers ought to select weaning powder which is sweet to taste as well as breast milk because the baby will easily accept. If the baby refuses weaning, mothers should stop for 3-5 days; then, it gives him/her eat again.

Some babies do not like eating the sweet powder, so mothers can choose the salt powder which is available on the market. If mothers have their free time, mothers can process a bowl of powder (200ml) such as

  • Using milled rice flour or cereal which is available on the market. The first is 10g; then, it gradually increases 20g (equivalent to 3-6 tablespoons of powder)
  • Utilizing meat, fish, shrimp,…(cutting fine): 20g (equivalent to 2 tablespoons)
  • Vegetables, bulbs are chopped fine after boiling: 15 – 20g (equivalent to 1.5 to 2 tablespoons)
  • Refined oil (soybean oil, sesame oil, beet oil, etc.): 5g (equivalent to 1 small tablespoon)
  • Taste: mothers can use iodized salt or delicious fish sauce, but taste is not too light in comparison with the adult.

When beginning to eat the new foods, the baby needs from 3-5 days to get used to them. When the baby has become familiar with them, mothers should change dishes every day to create an appetite for the baby.

Several common mistakes when the baby begins weaning

  • The baby eats plenty of powder meals in day: This one will makes the baby indigestion and become lazy breastfeeding.
  • Only using bone broth which mixed with rice powder: it only suits for the baby in a few of the first days. Gradually, the baby needs to eat fish, meat, vegetable, etc. Like that, the growth of the baby can be guaranteed.
  • Making powder too condensed: This one will lead to indigestion in the baby.
  • Buying a variety of powder and opening the lid to change taste for the baby: the weaning powder as well as powdered milk, the time from opening the lid to finished using is not too 15 days. If mothers simultaneously open many boxes, it will easily lead to bacterial infection in powder. This one causes diarrhea for infants.
  • The baby begins weaning before 6 months of age: This one does not suit for the enzyme system which is incomplete in infants. The babies will breastfeed less because of indigestion.
  • Over 6 months, the baby begins weaning: The baby becomes familiar with everything, so the weaning will be very difficult.
  • Creating a principle as wearing scarf, forbidding the baby’s hands which touch in dishes, …: These ones will cause a reaction in the baby when beginning meals.
  • Mothers should know that the weaning has to be the right way. Like that, the baby will grow up and develop.

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