Several tips care for the hair of the baby

The hair of the baby is often thin and weak in comparison with adults, so mothers need to have to notice in washing, combing and cutting hair for the baby.

Washing the baby’s hair

Infants needn’t to have to washing their hair regularly. Since the entire time of the baby is in house, his/her hair is little dirt. Therefore, mothers should only wash the baby’s hair about twice a week.

Mothers ought to remember that only use the shampoo for babies in order to washing (absolutely avoid utilizing the shampoo for adults). The shampoos for adult contain detergent and other chemical which can make dry (irritate) your baby’s scalp.

You should avoid combing the baby’s hair from the top of the head because his/her hair easily rolls together or ruffles. Therefore, you ought to comb the hair tail and slowly brush the root up.

In addition, you need to use your fingers which gently remove untidy hair for the baby. If his/her hair was ruffled, you should use the comb in order to brush hair when it is dry. Moreover, mothers are able to utilize baby oil for the hair which rubs into the ruffled hair. This one easily helps comb the hair of the baby.

Cutting hair for the baby

Parents can wait until the baby is one year old. At that time, parents ought to cut the hair of the baby. However, if babies’ hair grows faster and thicker, parents are able to cut hair for the baby earlier (before one year old).


You should cut hair when the baby awakes and feels comfortable. You can cut hair for the baby after he/she awoke from the nap, for example. Most of parents think that ought to cut the baby’s hair when he/she is sleeping. This one would be easier because the baby did not know what the object happened. Nevertheless, this way can cause the baby to be panic-stricken and gruff if he/she accidentally awakes.

The care for the hair of the baby when he/she has buffalo shit

This is a normal and harmless phenomenon. It can occur in 50% cases in infants. It can say that his condition is the characterized expression by a great deal of dandruff which mass together on the scalp like dermatitis. In several rare cases, buffalo shit can spread to other skin of the baby. Generally, it will completely recover without the treatment after 1 or 2 years.

When your baby has buffalo shit, you should not use any kinds of harsh chemicals such as anti-dandruff shampoos or other treatments which applied to the baby unless these ones are necessary.

In most cases, the symptom will be reduced to the following methods:

  • Often washing the scalp of the baby so as to remove the accumulation of mucus;
  • Using the shampoo for babies or can utilize the shampoos which contain Biotin;
  • Applying Vaseline oil before sleeping for the baby.

Vaseline will softly create the scale on the scalp of the baby when sleeping. Like that, you can comb so that they can fall off the next morning. If it does not still reduce, you ought to try applying several natural oils as Olive oil on the scalp of the baby.

You need to have to wait about 15 – 30 minutes in order to soften the scales; then, you can brush them away with soft comb. It is noticed that washed the scalp so as not to have the oils because Pityrosporum Ovale will live and multiply on the scalp which has much a large amount of oils.

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