Several tips of caring sleep help the infants healthy

Studies have shown that sleep time and sleep quality have a profound effect on the development of human intelligence; especially, with infants in their early years. However, long or short sleep time is not the only factor which determines the quality of sleep. Importantly, the development of babies depends on the baby sleeping well or not.

With the infants, sleep will help support the development of brain and body. Therefore, mothers should equip themselves with the necessary knowledge in order to help their baby sleep deeper. Let’s consider several below important notes when the baby sleeps.

Objects related to the sleep of infants that mothers should know

Sleep time:

Infants will sleep based on the demand of the body. The duration of sleep is also different. Consequently, mothers should practice the baby sleep on time. Of course, he/she will get up himself/herself when having enough sleep. The pediatrician said that the smaller the baby’s age is the more sleep time will be. Depending on the development of each stage, sleep time of the baby will gradually shorten. Nevertheless, mothers need to ensure at least 10 hours for your baby’s sleep.

During sleeping, the body of the baby will absorb oxygen and energy will produce plenty of growth hormone. These ones help for the development of physical and brain. Therefore, if the infant gets enough sleep, he/she will be relaxed mood and funny playing

Sleep on time helps the cognitive development:

Scientific studies have proved that growth hormone is produced the most in 1 hour after the baby achieved a deep sleep from 10 pm of the previous evening to 1 am of the next morning. If mothers miss “this gold time”, the development of the baby will be affected. Consequently, you ought to give your baby sleep from 9 pm so that his/her body has the best preparation for the production of growth hormone.

In addition, sleeping based on a certain schedule, the baby will have the condition to develop skills comprehensively such as reading, calculating and recognizing in the future.

Activities before sleeping:

Mothers need to maintain some physical activities and foster the spirit in order that the baby feels comfortable before sleeping. The experts advised that mothers should bath, massage, change clothes, tell tales or sing for the baby. In addition, before the baby goes to sleep, mothers should also turn off lights as a signal so that he/she know that bedtime has come.

Wearing comfortable and dry clothes for the baby:

Scientific research has shown that the number of active times in infants is double the adults. With hyperactive babies, this number can be up to 10 times. In addition, the baby is easy to piss at night. Therefore, mothers need to change dry diapers or clothes for him/her. This one helps him/her breathable, without absorbing sweat or urine into the body; especially, the baby’s sleep will not be interrupted.

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