How to Sunbathe Your Baby Exactly 100%

The biggest effect of sunbathing is to supplement vitamin D that helps the baby’s bone and teeth become strong. However, mothers need to check the following steps to make sure that their baby is properly sunbathing.

Sunbathing is good for children, especially the infants. The elements in the sunlight have the effect of anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, and activating the skin. Vitamin D3 helps enhance the main components that compose the bone – calcium and phosphorus.

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Nevertheless, not all mothers know how to sunbathe for their baby properly. Let’s see!

Select time to sunbathe for the baby

7-10 days after birth, the baby was able to sunbathe to synthesize vitamin D. During the day, mothers should only sunbathe for him/her from 6-9 am and after 5 pm. From 6 to 9 am, the infrared and ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight is weak, so it suits to help the baby accelerate the process of metabolism in the body. On the contrary, after 5 pm, X-rays in the sunlight will help him/her absorb calcium and phosphorus in the best way – it is useful for the development of the bone.

Mothers ought to pay attention the period of 10-16 hours that don’t allow him/her to contact the sunlight. At the same time, the powerful ultraviolet radiation appears so much, so sunbathing will damage the skin of the baby.

Sunbathing for the baby: How long is enough?

Depending on the age of the baby, time of sunbathing can be from 10-30 minutes per day. The first days, mothers can sunbathe for him/her in the shade about 10 minutes after it gradually increases in the following days from 20-30 minutes.

The numbers of the sunbathing day for him/her should only last about 10 days. You ought to enable him/her rest 10-20 days before starting the process again. With the newborn babies, it is not necessary that you must take him/her out. Mothers can sunbathe side of the window in the early morning and open the window so that he/she absorb the sunlight better.

In the cold season, parents should sunbathe the baby in the afternoon – from 3-5 pm because the weather in the morning is colder, so he/she has the risk of respiratory disease.

  • Sunbathe for the baby properly

  • The state of preparation: Initially, mothers should just reveal a part of his/her skin. Sunbathing for him/her in the shade for 10 minutes after increasing up to 20 minutes in the second day and 30 minutes in the third day.
  • Sunbathing for the baby: It wears the opening clothing for the baby from the feet. Don’t forget to cover the baby’s face and eyes. You must sunbathe 5 minutes for the forequarter and hindquarter in the fourth day. In the following day, let’s wear the opening clothing from the knee and then increase 5 minutes per day. Don’t sunbathe over 30 minutes per day.
  • Note when sunbathing for the baby
  • It should not sunbathe in the windy places, so it chooses the airy, sunny place.
  • Don’t let the sunlight shine on the baby’s head, face, and eyes directly.
  • If you sunbathe for him/her in the room, you should open the window in order that the infrared radiation is absorbed better.
  • Don’t sunbathe for the baby on the stage of unusual weather or the period of the season changes.
  • It gives him/her drinking and wiping the sweat after sunbathing.
  • It should reveal the baby’s feet and hands under the sunlight.
  • It should wear less clothing for the baby expose his/her skin as much as possible.
  • While sunbathing, mothers should give him/her drink and use the warm water to rub his/her body if mothers recognize that he/she sweats and turns the red skin.

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