The children and the value sleeping

One of the most significant activities in human life is the sleeping. Most of people also need to have the healthy sleep. However, with the children, the habit of sleeping is taken shape from the beginning; even, it is very necessary. It can say that the sleeping is quite important with each person; especially, there is a newborn and child. Therefore, parents should sure for their children from the newborn to teenagers who get the healthy sleeping. This one is extremely necessary in the parenting.

With the newborn

The newborn sleeps on average from 10 to 18 hours every day. The sleeping of them usually intersperses with several demands such as nurturing and feeding. Therefore, the sleeping periods of the newborn often range (from several seconds to some hours).

Consequently, parents should put babies down when they feel sleepy rather than asleep. By the way, they will have the good sleep. With parents, the awareness of the sleeping of baby is quite necessary.

When parents see their babies fussing or crying, they begin feeling sleepy. Other important object, parents have to keep dark and quiet during sleeping of babies. Therefore, they will sleep longer and deeper.

With the children from 1 to 5 ages

The children from 1 to 3 ages need to sleep from 12 to 14 hours each day. The nap is about 3 hours with the children at 18 months or elder which is good. Plenty of toddlers meet several difficulties to sleeping such as anxiety or afraid. Several advise help for these problems which are creating a comfortable sleep space before going to sleep.

With the children from 3 to 5 ages, they often sleep 11-13 hours every night. At that time, parents need to notice that the kids sometimes feel difficult to sleep because of being afraid of at night.

The same rules are also supplied in here. The value habits are established from consistency, environment or even security. When the children gradually grow up, they will begin recognizing the importance of sleeping.

With the teenagers

At this age, their sleeping is more necessary than adults. It can say that elder people are usually less sleeping. Based on the information from America Sleep Disorders Association, teenagers need 8 to 9 hours for sleeping each night. It is noticed that they sleep about 2 hours per night rather than their siblings at elder ages. For the reason, parents usually allow them to wake up later their siblings.

Since the growth rate and hormone at teenagers are changing, they need much time to sleep. If they lack of sleeping in this period, the bad impact can occur on them. For example, stress and depression are able to lead to lacking of sleeping.

In brief, the babies need the dark and quiet space; especially, there is the comfortable bed and suitable temperature. With teenagers, they need to sleep more than elder people. It can say that we cannot exist that do not sleep. Therefore, parents always have to sure the value sleeping for their children.





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