The development of 3-week old baby

With the baby on 3-week old, not only the muscle was controlled better but also the limbs were more flexible. The baby can even rotate his/her head easily.

The change in the baby

At that time, the baby was able to be lifted and turned his/her head when lying prone. Parents ought to lie prone opposite to the baby in order to encourage he/she who looked at you. Every day, you should still continue to practice this object for your baby so as to strengthen muscles of the neck when he/she awake. This one will help the neck of the baby become rigidity; even, he/she quickly know how to flip and roll. In addition, changing the posture also helps the baby’s head be sunken. You can also fold a soft towel or a thin blanket which put it under the baby’s chest in order to help him/her lift the head up.

Since nervous system and muscle control of the baby will grow up, the movement also becomes quicker and easier. Even, tiny hands of the baby hold tightly. Furthermore, the activities are strong reflections. Consequently, you are able to talk with the baby at the distance from 20 – 25 cm, because it is limited to the vision of the baby at that time.

The pat and the soothing are quite essential with your baby. Several young mothers usually prevent when they see their baby who is sucking his/her thumb. However, you need to have to know that the baby enjoy and need to be sucked. Therefore, the baby should be developed naturally.

Perhaps, you do not know that the pacifier is good for your baby calm. Even, America Academy of Pediatrics advised mothers to utilize a pacifier when the baby goes to bed. Based on these studies, it has demonstrated that the use of a pacifier is able to reduce the risk of sudden death in the baby (SIDS). When the unavailable pacifier is in here, the baby can take thumbs or others fingers to suck.

Playing with the baby


Parents can stimulate the communicative competence of the baby with the fun and interesting stories because hearing of 3-week-old baby was fully developed. Therefore, he/she can completely hear and recognize several sounds. In addition, you are able to use the doll or the teddy bear so as to talk with the baby. This one is also a value method during this period. According to scientific research, these objects have large effect on the baby in this period.

Several tips for mom

At that time, mothers will often feel tired and exhausted; even, there is the insomnia. These objects lead to psychological depression can cause postpartum depression for mothers; especially, there are the first born mothers. Therefore, you need to try to rest and get enough sleep any short period of time.

In addition, mothers can feel exhausted because of lacking of iron. Consequently, you need to have to provide full of iron for your body through the foods which contain amounts of high iron such as bean, vegetable, beet, lotus seed, egg yolk, heart of animal, shrimp, and so on.

Besides, mothers should also think positive. You are able to find the useful information from experienced people in order to get the knowledge and understand the essential problems for your baby during this period.

Moreover, you ought to pay attention to the sleep of the baby in this time. You should learn how to get sleeping well for your baby. When he/she grow up, his/her sleeping will gradually become stable. Of course, mothers need to have to provide enough sleep for your baby.

It is noticed that if members in your family are addicted to tobacco, they should quit immediately. Since the baby can breathe the smoke which will cause dangerous for the baby. The baby is able to have lung failure, ear infection; even, it increases the snoring and has trouble with his/her respiration when sleeping.

These objects will cause several problems about the health. Although you do not smoke in the room of the baby, the smoke will still store and stick on objects in your home. Therefore, you need to have to give up tobacco because of loving for your little angel. This one will help your baby avoid the risk of disease.

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