The important information on the best-powdered milk that mothers should know

What is the best powder milk for the baby? Right now, let’s learn several kinds of available milk on the market and how to identify the best milk for your baby.

According to a survey into practices with 2000 mothers – with the baby from 2-12 years old of DSquare and IPSOS, 58% of mothers feel confused in distinguishing different types of milk. Mothers often buy powdered milk-based on brands and hobbies which are 18%. With remaining 18%, they said that they do not distinguish between the kind of milk, so they only purchase the products with a brand; especially, they usually use for only one brand.

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There are mistakes of mothers which lack learning in the information; even, mothers should ask an expert’s opinion. What kind of milk will suit for your baby? How is the quality of milk? How are the components? How are the kinds of milk different? Do mothers choose milk based on the baby’s hobby or the crowd?

Many people are mistaken that the formula is not as good as fresh milk because the formula is mixed with the water. However, several experts of the National Nutrition Institute, said, the formula or sterilized fresh milk has its own advantages. The main components of sterilized fresh milk are raw milk, so it retains the delicious taste of cow’s milk. With the formula, each manufacturer will have a specific formula to supplement micronutrients and minerals which are essential for the baby. When adding the nutrients in the formula, it will be synthesized plenty of essential nutrients for the baby. This one also helps the classification of milk for each different object.

When mothers choose powder milk for the baby, mothers often afraid of the preservative substance which can cause harmful. In fact, this problem is being debated. Some people think that the formula has contained the preservative substance and against.

Actually, there are two types of sterilization technology which are popularly used in the dairy companies so far. There are:

Pasteurization Technology

According to this technology, milk is processed at high temperature (90ºC), during the 30s. Then, with the temperature about 40ºC, milk is cleaned and ensured the health for the baby. In addition, businesses also combined with bacteria centrifuge separator technology to separate bacteria from milk. There is the purity that does not use any preservative substance. Therefore, the expiry date is usually short.

UHT sterilization technology

Milk is processed a high temperature about 140ºC so that the bacteria can die. This one only takes 4s to avoid affecting the quality of milk. Besides, it also avoids changing the substance in milk. Like that, it will not be good for the drinker. According to this method, the milk will have long expiry date – about 6-9 months without using the preservative substance.

Mothers needn’t fret or fear of contaminated milk because all the milk is processed in the clean environment; especially, it is ensured that does not exist any bacteria. Furthermore, milk is packaged carefully so as to avoid the harm to be able to occur.

In this survey, what criteria were mothers based on when buying milk? the survey asked. As a result, there is based on the information in the advertiser or the package. The heading is 100% milk that is made from fresh cow milk; even, it will supplement micronutrients, essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, mothers are also based on several uses such as the development of intelligence, eyesight, the growth in height.

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