Utilizing Avent Bottle Sterilizer in 10 Steps

Instead of boiling – the traditional method to sterilize, a bottle sterilizer utilizing the steam method is considered as an alternative in order to sterilize the baby bottles as well as the accessories. Thanks to the process of sterilizing, the germs or bacteria can be prevented before mothers feed their baby. This is necessary because the immune system of the infants are still not developed a perfect manner. Avent – the best baby bottle sterilizer provides a digital sterilizing system without the harmful chemicals. Aside from that, the sterilization quickly occurs ~ only 6 minutes. In a case of the storage, you can set up 24-hour of the sterilization.

The Way to Use Avent Bottle Sterilizer Properly


It is not difficult to utilize an Avent bottle sterilizer if you know the manner. Right now, I will share with you 10 simple steps to sterilize the baby bottle. Let’s see!

Step #1: Initially, you need to wash the nipples, bottles, and the accessories with the warm soapy water after rinsing them again.

Step #2: You need to decide the mode that you’d like to use for cleaning. If you choose to use Mode 1, the sterilization will be about 6 hours and you need to fill ~ 90 ml of water. In case you set up Mode 2, 200 ml of water is to force. At once, it allows you to sterilize and store ~ 24 hours.

Step #3: Now, you will slide the lower basket over the central stem. Like that, it can be enabled resting on the bottom after being put into the unit. Continuously, two screw rings must be threaded onto the central stem. Aside from that, at the same position, the bottle rack is also slid down as long as the neck part faces downwards.

Step #4: In this step, you will put the nipples into the lower basket as long as they face upwards. Besides, on the bottle rack, they must also be via the central holes. The 4-screw rings are threaded on the center of the stem.

Step #5: It remembers that the bottles must be turned upside down and set on the top of the rack as long as they face downward and in the correlative holes. Basically, you can put 6 baby bottle in this Avent sterilizer.

Step #6: By aligning and sliding the upper basket over the center of the stem, you can place it on the top of the bottles until the part is rested on. Then, it will be caught by this one. Following, the nipple cavities, tongs, and dome caps are put into the upper basket.

Step #7: You will start setting the assembled unit of the basket into the Avent sterilizer after covering the lid.

Step #8: You will have to plug the side of the power cord adapter into the rear of the sterilizer. Now, the electric plug will be plugged into the outlet. At that time, you recognize “0” flashing.

Step #9: Before you press the button of controlling, you need to choose a correlative Mode. And you will see its digital number displayed on the unit.

Step #10: You are going to hold the button of controlling ~ 2 seconds after releasing. From “0”, it begins rotating for Mode 1. Mode 2 will be displayed when the 3-ascending-and-descending bars.


  • Instead of using the distilled water, you ought to use the tap water. The operation of the sterilization will be able to be hindered because the buildup of the lime-scale is caused by the distilled water.
  • Based on what Phillips web shared, you ought to sterilize the baby bottle, by combining the water ~ 200 ml with the vinegar ~ 100 ml. it doesn’t require with the upper basket and the 11oz bottles.
  • If you see the digital display flashing “0” and hear a beep after the process of sterilizing, you need to repeat the sterilization cycle again.

*The necessary things:

  • Power cord
  • Tongs
  • Measuring cup
  • The Avent sterilizer
  • The 6oz baby bottles & accessories

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