Some Vitamins & Minerals Help Children Taste Well

All moms wish that their babies will grow a healthy and intelligent way; especially, the delicious meals. Nonetheless, not many mothers know the following vitamins and minerals, which help stimulate the appetite of the little baby. Let’s consult this article to bring the fast growth and health to the children!

#1. Vitamin B1

vitamin B1

There is a kind of vitamins that plays an important role in converting sugar and carbohydrate into the energy for the kid’s body; especially, it is good for the cardiovascular and nervous system.
If your baby is short of vitamin B1, he/she will appear the symptoms such as fatigue, anorexia, constipation, insomnia,…
The amount of vitamin B1 needs to supplement for the kids:
+ 1-3 years old: 0.5 mg per day.
+ 4-8 years old: 0.6 mg per day.
The foods are rich vitamin B1 that mothers should supplement for your child daily – wheat, rice, asparagus, mushrooms, or red meat.

#2. Zinc

This is the substance that the body of the children cannot be synthesized. Accordingly, you must supplement it for him/her through eating.
When lack of zinc, Hypoplasia oral mucosa cells will reduce the sensitivity of the taste. For the result, the kids do not feel with great appetite when eating. This one can lead to anorexia.
The amount of zinc is suitable for children:
+ 1-3 years old: 3 mg per day.
+ 4-8 years old: 5 mg per day.
The foods are rich zinc – black beans, bean sprouts, oysters, beef, and sesame.

#3. Vitamin B12

Thanks to this vitamin, the body can quickly convert the food into energy for the daily activities. At once, it also helps the fat and protein be converted at once, so the health of the liver, hair, skin, and eyes is ensured.
If mothers look your children that have the signal of fatigue, skin, pale skin, anorexia, or skipping meals, it is certain that your kids are lacking of vitamin B12.
Vitamin B12 for children:
+ 1-3 years old: 0.9 mg per day.
+ 4-8 years old: 1.2 mg per day.
We can find vitamin B12 in cauliflower, papaya, kiwi, and egg.

#4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D

When getting vitamin D, the body will be strengthened the ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, especially, iron, vitamin A, phosphorus, and calcium.
It will be very dangerous when children are not enough vitamin D because they can get rickets or osteoporosis.
Daily, children need the vitamin D intake:
+ Under 6 months of ages: 400 IU per day.
+ 6-12 months of ages: 400 IU per day.
+ 1-3 years old: 600 UI per day.
Seafood, vegetable oil, oats, orange juice, and mushroom are rich in vitamin D.
Mothers need to pay attention to vitamins and minerals above to supplement for your kids daily. In additional to that, he/she also needs to eat 2-3 yogurt (100ml/ can) every day. Let’s mix probiotics to enhance digestion and prevent the risk of anorexia and disease: diarrhea, constipation,… for kids. It recommends that the mothers ought to choose probiotics, which contains prebiotic and probiotic. Don’t forget to read the guide on the package a careful way. At present, most types of probiotics only contain probiotic without prebiotic.

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