Why Should You Wash the Baby’s Clothes Before Wearing?

It is certain that mothers get used to being imparted the experience – it ought to wash the clothes before wearing for their baby. To protect the infants, mothers did not regret the time of washing. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered the reason why?

According to the American dermatologists, wearing the new clothes without washing will be able to bring many risks of the health, including the adult. For the newborn babies and little kids, this is dangerous anymore. Even, the things look clean, beautiful, and are packaged in the untouched packaging, which is not actually clean like their appearance.

Number #1 – A number of chemicals on clothing

In spite of the clear origin, the clothes of the babies can still contain the produced materials in one place, are stained in another place, and are sewed in the third place. Of course, every place will have the different regulations on the chemicals.


After a series of the processes, the new clothes can still contain the toxic chemicals that can irritate the skin. The azo-aniline dyes or formaldehyde resin can cause the rash, itching when contacting a direct way. Correspondingly, to eliminate this risk, the mothers should wash the clothes before wearing your baby.

Number #2 – The risk comes from the clothing stores

The difference from the clothing of the adult, the clothing of the infants and little kids are not been tried before. So, many mothers think that this might avoid the risk of the infectious diseases due to wearing the clothing with others. Nonetheless, the mothers could not doubt that the bacteria can also be spread from the hand to the clothes while choosing.

Number #3 – Keep the fabric color of the clothes

The mothers ought to know that washing the clothes can help relieve the dye color may stick to the skin as well as the fabric color of the clothes. What’s more, after washing the clothes, mothers can soak them with the clothing softener. In that way, the clothes will become more fragrant, softer, and easier-going when wearing. With the sheets and towels, mothers should also wash before using.

*Note for moms:

  • The clothes labeled “Private washing before wearing often have the capacity of the color when washing. Therefore, after washing, the mothers can check the washing water. If the dye color remains, it should exhaust them a couple of times to remove the leftover dye amount.
  • With the adult clothing, mothers also need to wash and dry before wearing so as to avoid irritating the skin of the infants when contacting.
  • Mothers can also avoid some of the toxic chemicals by purchasing the organic clothing for their babies. However, moms do not forget to read the careful instructions on the product packaging. Let’s remember that not all kinds of the fabrics have contained the same contents of cotton, linen, and wool. In additional to that, several manufacturers often add the chemicals in order to prevent mold.

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