What should parents do when the baby suffers from anorexia?

Anorexia is a common condition which often occurs in the newborn baby is the suffering of the parents. Anorexia in the infants is easy, but it is sometimes very difficult.

Why does the baby suffer from anorexia?


Occasionally, parents take time to prepare the menu with plenty of nutrition for their baby, but he/she refused to eat from the first spoon. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps, the taste or color of the food is not attractive the baby. Another reason is due to he/she recognizes the members in his/her family who refused to eat it, so he/she imitates. With many little babies, using the spoon puts the food in his/her mouth which is not easy. Maybe, he/she are teething. There are also many cases of refusal because he/she wants to choose the food himself/herself. Each baby will have different reactions that depend on every case.

How to ensure enough the nutrition for the baby

Many mothers feel worried, so they force the baby to eat. This is the negative way. Instead of doing that, mothers should set up the attractive menu for the baby. Beyond that, mothers should also give up several bad habits such as snacking before meals.
Furthermore, mothers allow the baby to self-select his/her food. By this way, he/she will feel more excited.
Another way also help him/her more excited about eating, which is to allow the baby to join the process of food preparation such as picking vegetables in the garden, going to the supermarket with his/her parents, etc.
Nonetheless, you need to remember that the baby refused to eat any food which is entirely normal in the infant. You do not just focus on the nutrition of the food that forgets the form. These factors can help him/her to recognize nice dish. From there, the baby wants to eat anymore.

Do not make the baby become anorexic

Many mothers make the mistake of caring the baby when bullying, intimidating or enticing the baby because of wanting him/her to eat. These ones can lead to the anorexia status in the baby worse. If you force the baby to eat, this one will make him/her pressure and afraid of eating anymore. Therefore, mothers should gently behave with the infants. Let’s remember that the brain needs 20 minutes to transmit a signal to the body that you are full. Parents should teach the baby to eat slowly. This one will help him/her not to eat too much. Turning on TV when eating, there is also a common mistake that parents should avoid.
You only need to prepare nutritious meals for your baby. The baby will decide what he will eat on the menu.

When should you worry about the condition of the baby?


  • Studies have shown that the infants can overcome their anorexia; especially, when parents are a good example for babies, they will mimic the eating habit.
  • In case the baby is thin, but he/she has developed healthy and active, parents should not be too worried.
  • Even though the baby suffers from anorexia, he/she will know when he/she is hungry and needs to eat.
  • If your baby suffers from anorexia, weakness and poor health, you should take him/her to a doctor.
  • You can take him/her to a doctor to get professional advice on the weight and nutrition for the infant.

Tips for anorexia babies

  • Let’s allow the baby to help you prepare the meal.
  • Trying changing cooking methods.
  • Making richer menus for the baby.
  • You can use grains in order to supplement iron for the baby because grains contain plenty of iron in comparison with the normal food. Iron is good for the digestive system of infants.
  • Keeping your optimism with the baby.
  • Do not allow the baby to eat a snack before meals.
  • Drinking milk too much which can affect the amount of iron in her/his body. Therefore, you should not allow him/her to drink milk too much.
  • Ensuring all meals of the baby, which have protein (such as meat, fish, egg, milk, beans, etc).

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