What should parents do when their baby gets the malabsorption of nutrients?

Although parents feed the baby so much and supplement a full of nutrients, the baby does still not increase the weight; even, he/she loses his/her weight. This is the anxiety of many parents when having the baby at the age of weaning

1. The cause

The baby eats more that is less absorption of the food – the worry of the mother
The baby eats more that is less absorption of the food – the worry of the mother

As a whole, the cause makes the baby without taking in the food which is due to the damage of the small intestine. In addition, because of the little baby, the digestive enzymes in the stomach, liver, and bile is insufficient. Meanwhile, the parents feed the baby too much; even, there are the indigestible substances. Thus, the baby will be less absorption of the food.
When the baby is less absorption of the food, he/she is easy to get digestive disorders and be able to defecate lived stools. Consequently, in spite of eating more, the baby is still thin. Beyond that, it leads to bloating, and flatulence, which can make him/her anorexia. If this situation lasts, it can cause malnutrition and anemia in the baby.

2. Tips help overcome the food malabsorption of the baby

In case the parents have the baby in a state of the food malabsorption, parents should change the diet of him/her.

  • The baby needs to eat enough the essential quantity based on the need of him/her. That the active babies eat less will not gain weight. Therefore, parents need to allow the baby to eat enough the quantity. Besides, it remembers that the ability to digestion and absorption of the food of each baby is different, so it can be enough for this baby, but lacking in comparison with other babies. Furthermore, parents should also decrease the amount of the food so that he/she can digest better.
  • The baby also needs to eat enough the nutrients. In case the baby eats more, but not enough protein, fat, fiber…, he/she will be difficult to gain weight. On the contrary, if the baby eats too much, he/she will hardly absorb.
  • A variety of diet is essential for the baby. If the baby only eats one type of the food, he/she will lack the substance.
  • Let’s remember that excessive eating is not good for health. For example, for the baby about 6 months, he/she should only eat ½ cup of powder every day. Milk is still mainly. For the baby about 8 months, he/she ought to eat twice porridge a day – ½ cup per meal. Porridge includes 1 tablespoon of minced meat, 1 tablespoon of vegetable and 1 tablespoon of oil. At that time, parents should not allow the baby to eat too much because he/she does not have enough enzyme. The absorption of the food will be difficult.

3. Mothers should diversify the food for babies

If parents want to add the product in order to support digestion for the baby, it should only add probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria to the human body. Normally, they live in the intestines and plays an important role in the digestive tract; especially, there is the digestive system of the baby. Probiotics help change the food fiber, undigested food in the small intestine into lactic acid, acetic, butyric, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, and other important nutrients. In addition, it also generates gasses like NH3, CO2, H2S,… This process is called fermentation. Due to it, the food is digested completely. Moreover, probiotics still compete with pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi which help the baby overcomes diarrhea, and constipation. The immune system is stimulated. The body’s resistance is enhanced. Today, the types of probiotics are extracted from Korean Kimchi is good for the health of the baby.

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